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The PenMet Parks Board of Park Commissioners created a $65,000 matching grant program to help enhance Gig Harbor Peninsula area parks.  The program is designed to encourage and assist individuals, businesses, and community groups interested in expanding park and recreation opportunities, and improving the quality of life on the peninsula. 

The PEG Grant Program contains two funding categories.  These two categories intend to provide opportunities to fund both large and small projects: 

  ·  $55,000 is available to fund grant applications larger than $1,000; and

  ·  $10,000 is available to fund applications of $1,000 or less.   

The program is designed to encourage physical park improvements and requires a 50 percent match for eligibility.  Matching contributions may include volunteer time, in-kind donations of goods and services, and cash.   

The PEG Grant Program is a competitive program and grants will be awarded on the basis of merit and evaluated on criteria including but not limited to:

  ·  The quality and scope of the project;

  ·  The level of community participation in the project;

  ·  The demonstrated need for the project;

  ·  The nature of the matching contribution; and

  ·  The proposed maintenance program, if applicable.

Applications are currently being accepted. 

Pre-application conferences are available and encouraged.

Please see links below for information and an application:

The District awarded five PEG Grants in 2011 in the amount of $101,294.  Projects included the completion of the Master Gardeners Demonstration Garden and Work Shed, the FICRA (Fox Island) Playground Renovation, the Boy Scouts Bridge at Wilkinson Farm, Youth Baseball Mounds for Sehmel Homestead Park, and the start of a Picnic Shelter at Sehmel Homestead Park to be constructed by Gig Harbor Rotary.

The District awarded four PEG Grants in 2010 in the amount of $47,184 to various organizations providing over $117,000 worth of recreation improvements to District, City and School District properties.

The District awarded two PEG Grants in 2009; one grant to the Master Gardeners of Pierce County and the other grant for Gig Harbor sand volleyball courts, providing over $75,000 worth of recreation improvements to District and City properties.

The District awarded six PEG Grants to various organizations providing over $330,000 worth of recreation improvements to District, City and School District properties.

The District awarded its first PEG Grant to the Gig Harbor Rotary in support of new improvements to Rosedale Park.  The 50 percent matching grant resulted in over $30,000 of improvements to the park including a new picnic shelter and children's playground.

For more information or suggestions for future program activities, please contact Eric Guenther, Facilities Coordinator, eguenther@penmetparks.org, (253) 858-3400, ext. 222