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PenMet Parks Announces Memorials & Donations Program
PenMet Parks is accepting applications from individuals or groups wishing to donate or "sponsor" a bench, picnic table, tree or other similar site furnishings for Sehmel Homestead Park which is located at 10123 78th Ave NW on the Gig Harbor peninsula.  A bronze plaque can be installed commemorating your donation.  The plaques can also be used to recognize or memorialize a loved one.

Park furnishings available for donation include:


Benches                                 Benches                     



Bike Racks

                       Bike Racks

Litter Receptacles                                        

Litter Receptacles

Bronze Plaque SampleSample of Bronze Plaque with your desired wording for placing on Park Furnishings

                      Additional opportunities available for donation:
                                               Drinking Fountains
                                    Outdoor Basketball Standards

                                                     Tennis Nets
                                                 Play Equipment

          Donation Type:
                            Installation Cost:
          Park Benches                                     $2,342
     Nature Trail Benches                                $1,492  
       Park Picnic Tables                                  $3,214
  Nature Trail Picnic Tables                             $3,264
            Bike Racks                                       $1,491

Memorial and Donation Policy, Application, and Fees Schedule are available at the PenMet Parks Administration Office, located at the Sehmel Homestead Park Pavilion, 10123 78th Ave NW in Gig Harbor or by clicking the following:
     - Memorial and Donation Policy
     - Memorial and Donation Application
     - Memorial and Donation Fees Schedule